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I endeavor in my personal life to work with others on developing creations that combine art and science into an ecological, educational, and inspirational space for exploration.

Gall Lanterns at Autumn Lights Festival

Lake Merritt Gardens, CA

2018 & 2019

Entitled Gall's Swell That Ends Well, the display of hand-crafted paper lanterns of large lighted leaves covered in strange structures and gaudy colors, illuminated tree branches above visitors' glowing faces, and were inspired by actual Gall structures created by tiny wasps securing a place for their young.
Created in partnership with Vegan Taxidermy

Transport Your Head

Black Rock City NV & San Francisco CA


Transport Your Head was a science art installation involving four hollow sculpted spherical geodes, each 3' in diameter, raised to shoulder height by sturdy bamboo tripods. Insert your head through an opening on the underside, to view and hear an immersive diorama within.
Each geode contained panoramic sights and sounds from Earth's distant past: Pleistocene, Jurassic, Silurian, and Paleoproteozoic.

Grey Water Garden

Black Rock Desert, NV


To create a place for campers to wash, convene, enjoy a garden space in the desert, and increase the productivity of the greywater evaporation ponds with the use of plants native to the alkaline flats of the Big Basin area.


Black Rock City, NV


Recipient of a Burning Man Arts Grant, Chasm was an interactive environment sculpted from the desert mud, designed to invoke triangulation, scientific interpretation and contemplation. Parabloid constructs of wood and on-site clay, painted with mythological characters, withstood the harsh environment and created a geological ruin with a spiritual feel.
In contrast, odd metallic periscopes were wedged into the ground, and at night their viewports and sounds would reveal a glimpse of an astronomical wonder beneath our flat earth.
A nearby metallic book laid out the scientific excavation in an unknown language. Strangers gathered around working with each other to unravel the story of the place. Solo visitors came to quietly sit within its space.

Logan Austeja Daniel — logan@austeja.com — (510) 684-4751